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What are the implications of PIPP's new study?

The PIPP 2019 study that builds on the Philanthropy: Towards a Better Practise Model report is looking for specific results.

The issues identified in the Towards a Better Practise Model study are not insurmountable. Yes, the issues are hard and time consuming, but we hope that there is improvement, and if not, we hope that we can help find solutions.

Things we hope to learn in the 2019 study

An issue that the 2014 study identified was poor alignment between grantmakers and grantseekers. We believe that improved alignment between grantmakers and grant seekers would be a positive outcome. With better alignment, grantmakers can be more satisfied that their funding is impactful, and grantseekers can be more open and transparent with their strategy and how funding can be used to drive it.

We also hope that the combination of the survey data and working with the ten organisations in the PIPP cohort will reveal where and why obstacles exist. By working in a collaborative learning environment where innovative ideas around problem-solving are actively encouraged we hope that our cohort members will enable each other to find solutions to these sticking points and create better philanthropic impacts.

The 2014 survey was an excellent place to start as it gave us a baseline of pain points to work on. We have longer to work with the 2019 cohort, and with the repeat workshops we can help them to engage in collective problem-solving. We encourage the cohort to use their peer networks and access to expertise to create solutions that not only work for their individual organisations, but for the philanthropy sector, creating a solution that inspire an attitude of change in grantmakers.

The hard work that the cohort is doing is creating more impactful giving practises, which have come from better communication and more transparency between grantmakers and grantseekers. This will bring a positive change to Australian philanthropy, and document the principles as we discover them for international grantmakers.

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